Keyboard required. Really! Mobile devices or those without time for this nonsense please enjoy a normal site.

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The keyboard! How quaint.

Looks like you are on a mobile device or other smallish screen, so I'll have to route you on to small-screen-friendly joshwilson.net

My normal website is a silly experiment in which I have re-created the starship console from Starflight II, a 1989 PC game. I've abandoned modern web convenience in favor of faithfulness to the source, so it doesn't work on a small screen. Also it requires a keyboard to navigate.

Apologies to those of you pairing bluetooth keyboards with your iPhones.

See you in 1989!

On to mobile-friendly version.

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Spacefleet Logo


makes ship go

Current star system
science off.
comm. off.
Standing by to ORBIT
initiating orbital maneuver...
downloading satellite data...
...cultural information received
...orbit established
I don't know
It's a long way down
In space?
Listen, I've only finished a few semesters of
Captain school but seems like a bad idea.
Captain says I'm not allowed to touch those yet
**furiously reading ship manual**
**pretending not to hear you**
I sure will try to figure that out for you.
Sorry, we're just maintaining orbit for now.
I'm not flight certified yet.
This section is uncharted!
...At least until I find the chart.
Everything's fine.
Don't touch anything and it'll stay that way.
Nothing's broken but it will take
4-6 weeks to fix.
I haven't been briefed on our mission yet.
Have I been briefed on our mission yet? No.
In the original game, this was where you
specified your attitude while communicating
with alien races. On this site, it just wastes
a bit of your time, for now.
Don't want to talk to me anymore?
I don't blame you.
Josh Wilson is a pretty OK guy.
He lives in Raleigh, NC, USA with his wife and
a couple of cats. He hates summer.
He does web development and UI stuff but will
listen to your generous grant offers.
This site is a re-creation of the interface
from Starflight II, a 1989 PC game.
It's built with just HTML + CSS + JS, and a
hint of jQuery.
(click for more)
This site mimics the shipboard game interface.
Not exactly suited to a web browser, but
honestly, I just wanted to see if I could
do it.
(click for more)
The solar system and planet pixel art is
original. If I get really ambitious I'll add
animation and build in some playable bits.
At last check, you could get Starflight II
If you haven't gotten around to getting that
VGA card:
Other places you can find me:
Twitter - I hate twitter
Goodreads - I love Goodreads!
Instagram - I am neutral about Instragram
Leave me a message at Arth starbase.
Or, email is fine: