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Spacefleet Logo


makes ship go

Current star system
science off.
comm. off.
Standing by to ORBIT
initiating orbital maneuver...
downloading satellite data...
...cultural information received
...orbit established
Josh Wilson is a pretty OK guy.
He lives in Raleigh, NC, USA with his wife and
a couple of cats.
By day, he's a librarian + web dev type.
He likes telescopes and the Detroit Tigers.
He hates summer. He'll have a Manhattan.
I don't know
It's a long way down
In space?
Listen, I've only finished a few semesters of
Captain school but seems like a bad idea.
This site is a re-creation of the interface
from Starflight II, a 1989 PC game which
I apparently continue to obsess over.
It's built with just HTML + CSS + JS, and a
hint of jQuery.
(click for more)
This site mimics the game interface
from on-board the ship.
I've got a weird mixed metaphor
thing happening with regular crewmember
duties mixed in with "about" information
(purple commands). Oh well. (click for more)
The solar system and planet pixel art is
At last check you could get a nice
playable version of Starflight II from
Captain says I'm not allowed to touch those
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
**furiously reading ship manual**
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
**pretending not to hear you**
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
I sure will try to figure that out for you.
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
If you're not down with VGA glory:
Sorry, we're just maintaining orbit for now.
I'm not flight certified yet.
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
This section is uncharted!
...At least until I find the chart.
Current to-do list for the site:
**animated planet orbit
**crew training
**if I get really ambitious, mini-playable
Starflight II stuff: talk to aliens, visit
other planets
Everything's fine.
Don't touch anything and it'll stay that way.
Nothing's broken but it will take
4-6 weeks to fix.
Other places you can find me:
Twitter - I hate twitter
Goodreads - I love Goodreads!
Instagram - I am neutral about Instragram
Sporcle - waaay too many badges
I haven't been briefed on our mission yet.
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
Have I been briefed on our mission yet? No.
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
In the original game, this was where you
specified your attitude while communicating
with alien races. On this site, it just wastes
a bit of your time, for now.
Ask the Engineer about site to-dos.
Don't want to talk to me anymore?
I don't blame you.
Futuristic interstellar amazing awesome
space communication channel:
Uh, human?
Wait...no...yeah, human.
Maybe android.
Disemboweling in your species--
fatal or non-fatal?